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Hobo Cubes - Blaze Factor, Aerial Nocturnes - NNA Tapes, Digitalis, 2011

Two recent tapes by Hobo Cubes! Thanks F. for sending this!

Hobo Cubes - Aerial Nocturnes, Cassette - Digitalis

This tape recently released on Digitalis somehow differs from other HC's works. Actually the strangest thing in this tape is an odd mix of shyness and fury which can be felt on each track. This adds a smack of the craziness to the whole thing. The beats awkwardly protrude from the 5th track only (a fidgeting and aggressive one). The rest of the time HC deploy a limited number of synth lines which thrive and thrive trying to get a shape of incantation. Deep vibrating sound is moving like a hunter stalking an animal. Synth kneading thrusts into slinky minimal vibes.
A dystopian, giddy and sometimes abrupt tape.

Hobo Cubes - Blaze factor, Cassette - NNA tapes

This one is more positive. Here Frank Ouellette places us (and leaves the next moment) on a glass space ship approaching through the void of space. Time disappears and its very notion looses any sense. We're passing by glimmering objects, heaps of unsettled planets and dizzying comets' traces, which look like huge cosmic eels trussing each other. Alki we steep in an abode of zephyrian drones and dispersed synth-falls.
A spiffing tape which made me to linger on it for a couple of hours.
Hobo Cubes is Frank Ouellette. He lives in Montreal, makes tunes and runs cool Hobo Cult records.

You can get these cassettes from Digitalis and from NNA tapes.  

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