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Nearone Cassette, WYLD WYZRDZ LP - Inner Islands 2011

Many thanks to Braden for sending me these amazing cassettes recently released on Inner Islands.

Nearone - Presents CASSETTE

Pure glee. Pure happiness. Extraordinary meditative work. Each sound seems to be alive. We're diving into walkarounds of synthesized chimeras. We shoot out our arms and slowly forge through the firm vapour scenting of herbs and spice. Rare dreams appear as tremulous palpitation. Three field rec tracks with sounds of bees, flies, and wind make this tape kind of a recluse's sound diary. What we can read in it is a collection of depictions/renditions of nature's features. Very sunny and intelligent work!
Highly recommended.

WYLD WYZRDZ - Free Magick LP

This LP supplies 3 long tracks. The first one is the longest and possesses very nebulous tonality. Scintillant synth jewels and consistent percussion on  the second track give us an idea of how tight the connection and interaction between a man and the nature are. In general, this record is built up on some really fairy radix. A listener deals with ancient myth and the final track is a good proof of the latter. Here we enter a 'Dragon's Garden'. We see strange plants, tall violet trees, see-thru fruits. We hear frogs, flies and wind. Where is the dragon? He's hiding in a place where one can believe in his presence. Lo-fi percussion, tropical synth, clear bass lead us to that place.
Highly recommended!

Buy both records from Inner Islands.  

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