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Darius Ciuta & Ilia Belorukov - D-И + B-C split, ~taqueOT, 2011

Many thanks to Artem from ~taqueOT for sending me this newly released material.

Darius Ciuta & Ilia Belorukov - D-И + B-C 4-CD box

This is a real monolith! A whole world has been created here by two talented musicians. 4 CDs, one hour-long track per each side. This work somehow reminds me of Tore Honore Boe's sounds. Just imagine a mix of his 'Suave siesta' and 'solvstoy' 7inch and you'll get something similar to what Belorukov and Ciuta have done on their tracks. Each CD is a collage made of field recording, spontaneous abstract objects and computer sounds. The world of very quiet noises and pulses opens up with all its uncontrolled beauty. A listener is inexorably put in position of powerless happenstance witness. As a result, the work seems to be strictly monologic. Sound is pure, natural and sometimes jerky. No veneer. It moves, changes and spreads very slowly. If you find a way into the very heart of this record, it will probably show you how the world had begun.
Highly recommended!
Ilia Belorukov is a saxophonist and experimentalist from Saint-Petersburg. Check out his recently launched label - Intonema.
Darius Ciuta  is an architect and sound artist based in Kaunas.
You can buy this treasure from ~taqueOT


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