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Ssaliva - Thought Has Wings, Leaving Records, 2011

Something very special from Leaving records:
Ssaliva - Thought Has Wings

The name of this tape tells the whole thing. 9 tracks by Ssaliva seem to be pulled out from a time-hole leading to a bit contorted 80s. One can find on this record: juicy beats, disco melodies, lo-fi approaches, dancing monuments of the lost epoch, sunny vibes and beautifully sporadic parade of the first spring petals.
My favorites: the bass line on 'Crayloa' is a mouthwatering masterpiece and when you listen to the final track you understand how rock-n-roll can be tu(r)ned to the future.
 At times lo-fi pop, at times psychedelic, at times dance record. Pure joy.
Ssaliva is François Boulanger from Belgium (God, I love Belgium).
You can buy this record from Leaving records

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