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DDb Interview Series (1010) - Inner Islands

I want to thank Braden for his patience and time and cool answers.
Please visit his label's web-site here - Inner Islands.

Your web-site is totally green. Does the color mean anything? Because it is so green, you know…

There’s no real meaning to the color of the site. Green just has a nice feeling to it.

‘Inner islands’… These words somehow remind me a childish feeling when I could escape to my own inner world where I had a wood with a lake and a cave with a monster… What correlations did you originally see in the label’s name?

The name is a reference to Antelope Island, it’s a magickal island on the great salt lake. It’s a special place to me. Inner Islands is also a reference to self-exploration.

How did you start the label? Is it like a family business? What is that primordial thing that pushes you doing things?

Well, I used to run another label called Magic Goat Music. As my life and creative process began to change, Magic Goat no longer felt like the right thing for me to be doing. Inner Islands developed naturally out of my personal changes. In a sense it’s a family business, I’m very close with all the artists involved with the label. While I run the label, Sean (gkfoes vjgoaf, Ashan) has made a lot of contributions to help keep the island afloat. I feel that what we are doing is really unique, I am very careful to only release music that is very special to me, music that holds space for openness and realness with ones self and surroundings. I do this label mainly because it feels right.

Advise us a splendid book, awesome tape and freakiest film.

Faeries by Brian Froud and Alan Lee, Divine Songs by Alice Coltrane, I’ve heard that Klingon porn is pretty freaky.

Let’s dig into the catalogue! Tell about your favorite gems and how they’ve appeared.

Honestly I feel strongly about all the releases on Inner Islands. Each album holds an important part in the catalogue. If I was to single one out it would be the album Presents by Nearone, it was recorded by Sean and Rosa while they were WWOOFing. It super minimal compared to some of the other releases on the island, which allows for a lot of extra space for the listener to sink into.

Next question I will ask to every person in DDb interview series.
What have changed in independent music world with the developing and spreading of the Web?
Any positive improvements? Any negative repercussions?

I feel like it’s very easy for people to record and release music these days without being to passionate about it. It doesn’t take much to record an album on your laptop and put it out on tape or bandcamp. Because of this I feel there are a lot of people making music not because they are particularly driven to say or express something from within themselves, but rather just because they can. I’m not saying this is bad, but it just makes for a hell of a lot of albums being released all the time. It’s kind of overwhelming to navigate through all that’s happening. On the other hand the ease of recording and releasing music does help passionate individuals with limited recourses get their vision out to the world. Just like everything else there is pros and cons.

What would definitely put you off in a demo? Do you receive lots of submissions?

I get a few demos a month and I really appreciate people sharing their music with me. I’m looking to work with sincere people, so impersonal submissions turn me off a bit. You can tell when someone knows nothing about the label or if I’ve just received the demo as a part of a mass email.

Describe a perfect party! And don’t forget about the music…

Well, I’m not the best at socializing in a party situation, so dance parties are my favorite. Recently I went to a dance party were my friends Stag Hare and Andy Cvar played tunes for hours. Stuff ranging from house, early disco, hip-hop, rocksteady etc… It’s easier for me to dance than chat it up with strangers. Generally though I enjoy just chilling with a smaller group of close friends over a bunch of people I’m only casually acquainted with.

Seriously, what is the hardest thing you stumble against running Inner Islands?

Getting people to listen to the music. ;-)

What’s next?

The last WYLD WYZRDZ album will be released early next year along with the debut from Ashan. I also have an album finished for my new project Coyote Dreamer that will most likely be released through Inner Islands. Other than that, I’m hoping to connect with some new artists to work with on the island.

Do you see any new music schools in the contemporary independent music world? What is that going right now that could have possible become either a tradition or a poignant reminder in the future? Or do we have a constantly growing chaos everywhere?

I’m not sure really, I pretty much just listen to the Grateful Dead.

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Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - L'Enfant Sauvage LP - Aguirre Records 2011

Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - L'Enfant Sauvage LP

Now I know that this record is a drug. And now I know that I should have started with small dozes. However I did inject the whole thing at one time... Penetrant vocal pulled apart my chest and then my heart. Now it seats there among the cut veins and  glimmering blood bulbs. All doors creep and shudder because of all the ghosts which could have visited me... ever... Now I need to find a talisman to protect myself from them. The good thing is that I know how to get it. My love is the talisman.

Buy this LP from Aguirre

Zac Nelson - Towards Your Own Worlds cassette - Field Hymns 2011

Zac Nelson - Towards Your Own Worlds cassette

This is a gift. This cassette is many-sided, flexile, romantic and smart. Fuck, I wanna marry this cassette. 6 beautiful tracks each of which is a singular world, an insular tradition. While listening to it you travel on different levels of perception. At times you are frightened, at times you are downing in a noisy magma, sometimes you see tropical dreams, sometimes you're just loving. This tape is a gift, a real gift for those who are tired from anything o pretty much everything.
Buy the cassette from Field Hymns

Rapoon / Mykel Boyd split 12" - Somnimage 2011

Rapoon / Mykel Boyd split 12"

Side A. Blundered electronics live inside, always inside.. Tasty beat discovers territories and invents discoverers. Robotic walk (Larkin, save us..) stops, then begins again. Low, fidgety corpuscular habits are gained on the birth day. Nothing to do here. Side B. Organic product is the future. Our kids will never understand our patience. Letters are falling in the sea. messages in the bottles are clogging up the post officer's desk. He's always drunk. people strangely meet each other.
Unconditionally true, mature and intelligent sound!

Released by Somnimage 

Nova Scotian Arms / Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Crystal Anniversary LP - Aguirre Records

Nova Scotian Arms / Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Crystal Anniversary LP

 On this beautiful LP Grant (Nova Scotian Arms) and Rachel Evans (Motion Sickness Of Time Travel) deliver the most crucially eccentric and hard-hitting examples of their music work. Disperse synth ejaculations mollify rapid glances and hand waves. Obscure melodies cover the body of the Earth and the earth of the Body with a blessing tissue. Sounds effervesce and collide with star ceilings. Elder planets sympathetically look at us and hold out stardust hands inviting to a family picnic.
Masterful and splendid!
Buy from Aguirre.   

Félicia Atkinson – The Driver LP - Hibernate 2011

Félicia Atkinson – The Driver LP

Well, at long last I have this beautiful record on my turntable. I seat in the kitchen having a cup of coffee and listen. And I am becoming aware.. of.. This amazing woman hasn't made anything like this before. Sure. Not in terms of the sound but in terms of an atmosphere. I seat in the kitchen staring at the cup of already cold coffee and listen to the silence because the side A has ended a few minutes ago. My wife turns the disc. And I am starting to become aware.. of..
 Each note is a syllable or a point. Each phrase is a leader, an activist. Each paraphrase is a hidden pitfall for a romantic plot. Animals are aware of it.. And I am becoming...

Released buy Hibernate.   

Philspectre Cassette - Already dead tapes 2011

Philspectre Cassette

I am a small fish living in a small can. I am blind and I love Cocteau. Oh, yes, especially portraits, you know.. Water.. W-a-t-e-r... Well. W A T E R. That's a vital thing. For everyone. And I say you, water is what I need on a day-to-day basis, you know. WATER. Whyforgodsakeifeelshame??? Now it's abrupt.. Like the most things we do or care of, or look for, you know. w_a_t_e_r. The life had begun, you know. In a noise. No sounds. Just noise, you know. Just water. A vital thing.

Buy this tape from Already dead tapes.

Charlatan - Equinox LP - Aguirre Recods 2011

Charlatan - Equinox LP

Look at that guy. He's doing his chores. He's thinking about big legendary move. A move worth of a heroic saga. He's eating a sandwich. He is a good person. He will finish college next year. He needs to think about the future, ha? Look at that guy. He prefers cold north weather. He's not looking up. He feels up. He loves cycling.
Clouds move fast. People run fast. Time runs fast. Set your watches. Feel up.
This is the music for remembering. This is the music for remembering things one had never known. This is music for opening. And if you laugh, I will laugh with you. 

Buy the LP from Aguirre.

Problems That Fix Themselves/micromelancolié 'Fractures' Split Cassette - Already dead Tapes 2011

Problems That Fix Themselves/micromelancolié 'Fractures' Split Cassette

 The title of this tape perfectly describes the contents. A listener finds oneself in the very center of the space ship's engine system. The cosmic liqueur streams into one's blood. Metal tendons, buckets and shimmering lamps dance static dances and wink through the wrapped gauze. Harsh noises and trash electronic fall over nebulosities, then fall asleep. That sleep is nervous, unstable. Small tune heads rest on IDM callosities...
Buy the cassette from Already dead tapes