суббота, 30 июля 2011 г.


Aldo Becca - Dysto

I can't say much about this work because I think it has nothing to do with words. I think that it really proclaims something contrary to the narrative field. This work tries to handle with some emergent and, I suppose dangerous things and objects. It can lead you to places where you'll simply forget that you can speak. Well, maybe it can't. Paralyzing strings smell with mist, guitar sounds cause air vibrations, crackled electronics reveal abstract signs and images around you.
Really confusing work. Take your stand.
You can listen and download the whole thing at WHNZ blog.

JD EMMANUEL - Ancient Minimal Meditations LP - Aguirre 2011

JD EMMANUEL - Ancient Minimal Meditations LP

This LP record is a re-issue of JD's cassette released an AMM.
What can I say? This is classic. Thin gracefully convoluted needles smoothly pierce the skin and inject some sweet mixture made of ripe aglint synth berries. The sound approaches slowly and in cold blood. However there is still a hint of a feeling gnawing at the back of my mind - why can't I predict the very next move? Incredibly thoughtful, pragmatic and at the same time elusive work.
Wanna become invisible? Grab this record from Aguirre.

Bitchin' Bajas/ Faceplant - split 12'' - Bathetic records 2011

Bitchin' Bajas/ Faceplant - split 12''

I have to admit that there are a few labels that I love most. And Bathetic is one of them for sure. I really love everything they do, each release, each new tape or record, each cover art. Their recent output - slit 12inch between Bitchin' Bajas and Faceplant is not an exemption. Each project delivers quite a different sound but both manage to converge to the similar conceptual lim. Bitchin' Bajas appear here as masters of fresh synth opuses. Deep engaging waves blow up stifling room and precipitate mind mutations. Faceplant (Aaron Coyes from Peaking Lights) presents two fantastic orchestic songs. Both tracks drive me crazy: beatiful drums, juicy bass, unostentatious synth - everything is in right place and in right proportions. Really perfect release.
Absolute glee! One of the best records in 2011 so far.
Buy from Bathetic.

STAG HARE "Spirit Canoes" CD - Hands in the dark 2011

STAG HARE "Spirit Canoes" CD

Anticipating a vinyl release on Inner Islands we have now an opportunity to check out four new songs by amazing Stag Hare released on CD by Hand in the dark records. Hippie-style meditations open up with all their friendly atmosphere welcoming everyone to join the airy round dances. Lovely percussion, sheer blithesome guitars, transparent vocals and everlasting sounds of nature make their job and and make one forget oneself completely. Lovely, lovely work!
Buy from Hands in the dark.

понедельник, 25 июля 2011 г.

The Philly Crawlers – Ethnic Pants - Already dead tapes and records 2011

The Philly Crawlers – Ethnic Pants CS

Ha, this is perfect. Howling guitars, summertime vocals, lo-fi confused drums and beautiful climactic synth unite under this caressing forgiving sky and make you send unfettered smiles to people around. And not because it's hilarious - it's not! - but because it's life-asserting, yeah. Music like this proclaims that everything is possible simply because one always gets what ane really wants like a stalker near the golden sphere. Music like this proclaims that one more attempt is always worth trying. Music like this -  proclaims.
Music like this tells you, See you tomorrow.
grab a cassette from Already dead tapes

суббота, 23 июля 2011 г.

Stellar Om Source, LRJ Martens & Ada Van Hoorenbeke – Aguirre records 2011

I want to thank Pieter for sending me 4 recent records released on his amazing label Aguirre records.

Stellar Om Source - Heartlands Suite LP

If I am not mistaken, this LP is a re-issue of a CD released some time ago by another one of my favorite labels Ruralfaune.  9 tracks - 9 pure synth compositions. Each following opus seems like a logical continuation of the previous one.  I’ve even got a feeling that it would be right if the album would somehow start over again after the last track has ended.  There is an obvious idea of loopback action stated in this work. Adroitly enweaved sound shows beautiful evenness and certain thaumaturgics usual for foundational stories.  Great stuff!
LRJ Martens & Ada Van Hoorenbeke - Eternal Landscapes LP

This record consists of two long pieces and reminds me of Takeshi Kitano films. Atavistic abstract flows collide with sounds of nature and create a substitutable reality of slow distilled  country-life. Mix of folklore and floristic ideas inaugurates a Young Conjurer of waterfalls and mountain-picks who controls tendinous substance of any relation. The sound perfectly describes a monotonous work or, even better, a process of telling beads. Very intense, tapping music.

Buy both LPs from Aguirre records

суббота, 16 июля 2011 г.

Jurgen Muller - Science Of The Sea LP - Digitalis 2011

Jurgen Muller - Science Of The Sea LP

This fantastic record was waiting for me too long.. At long last I've uploaded it into my player yesterday. And now I understand that I have to write about it, I have to talk to someone about it, I need to listen to someone talking about it. But there is only silence in my head, the silence that stops when I push the Start button again. It's too beautiful to call it beauty. It's too preterhuman to describe it in words. Just listen to it, OK?
You can get it from Digitalis' distributors and I think you can find a download link somewhere in the Web.

starcircleanatomy - cold / path - debacle 2011

starcircleanatomy - cold / path CDr

I can easily imagine this music played with no instruments and even without human presence. It's so incredibly independent and a bit aidless. Long corridors contracted from some alive moving tissues lead you somewhere and change your way in all impossible directions making you feel pleasant featheriness. Hardish drones, tree axis electronic loops, mitigated beat lines amalgamate into a fairy galactic concerto. Really awesome.
Buy from Debacle records.

Adderall Canyonly, Boron - Fieald Hymns 2011

Two more recent tapes from Portland-based Field Hymns records:

Adderall Canyonly - The Ascension of St. Diamond and the Battles of Oxtest Cassette

Hey, honestly I'm fed up to my back teeth with................since we’re caged in small stifling rooms running down the greasy slope like cut off a-clenched fists, stumbling across ancient bones, gaining and kicking habits, blowing up rocks and mountains, never stopping unless one had shown how and was trusted – 
with straight faces and cagy eyes we are trying to foresee a benign radiance, taking and dropping things, taking and loosing chances. The fields of our research never contain anything of what we are currently looking for. It seems no one had ever gained a thing… and everyone is now behooved to be a donor for a derogatory chorus of the last song of the planet…
You must get this cassette by all means! It's now in my this year's top5. 

Boron - Aria Statica Cassette

I like the rotten tendons and nerves of the half-living outdoors shown in this tape. I like how the morning silhouettes in people’s talks and gestures shown in this tape. I like how the shadows dissolve in blinkered windows shown in this tape. And I love how tenderly these songs erupt through the massive walls.
Dominant rhetoric exercises from Boron. Beautiful.

Grab both cassettes at Field Hymns.  


Solar Ocean - Unknown, unsigned, untitled CD - ~taqueOT 2011

Thanks to Artem for sending this stuff.

Solar Ocean - Unknown, unsigned, untitled CD 

This businesscard cd-r was recently released on great Ukrainian label ~taqueOT. It contains only one track which is 6 minutes long. Here Solar Ocean (who has already appeared in ~taqueOT catalog) continues to ensue the same traditional line. Long pulled spirals of sonic substance infest the air. The sound thoroughly extracted from the dungeons where the foot may tread almost smells with magic or, to put it better, with places where magic has been a normal state of things. The track ends but you still can hear it for some time.
Buy from ~taqueOT.

Dream Affair - Endless Days, Contrepoison - ...Until Next Morning - Avant! Records 2011

Many thanks to Andrea for sending this over.

Dream Affair - Endless Days LP/CD

This 9-track gem seems like perfect soundtrack for architectural and psychological communications between urbanistic saccharine downtowns and restless romantic subburbs. Sliding and mannered drums create some kind of buzhie contrast on which rebelling guitars and powerful/acute vocals occur as ghosts attacking well-doing peace of the centre. In terms of time this record does not belong to either past, present or future, it rather somehow plays the role of poignant reminder of man's glory for all times.
Nice stuff.    

Contrepoison - ...Until Next Morning 12'' 
Huge steel-rimmed vertical lines of gold people queues stream to the sky. They move slowly but massively, passing by mountain picks, air channels, heavy clouds inbued with poisoned moisture. They rupture atmosphere and then split up so that each human could get as far as he can and be there alone.. Heartfelt lacerated synth waves, proclaiming vocal and diaphanous drums will tell you this story about the last exodus.
Very much recommended.

Buy both records from Avant! Records.

четверг, 14 июля 2011 г.

Giant Claw - Mortal Earth/Morbid Earth - Retrograde tapes 2011

Giant Claw - Mortal Earth/Morbid Earth Cassette

There is a good music that perfectly fits in with your feelings. There is also a good music that forces you to step on a new way and go wherever it takes you. And there is a goddamn good music that makes both. This Giant Claw tape gives you a fresh example of such goddamn good music. Deep heaving synth groaning intersperses with straight-from-the-shoulder electric squashes and sploud pauses. Two long but impetuous tracks easily zonk you out with beautifully arranged telegraphic sound phrases. Nevertheless, overtly and covertly outlined idea of composition-based music piece makes this record sound almost as academic-like stuff. Synth orgasm!
Buy this cassette from Retrograde tapes

воскресенье, 10 июля 2011 г.

OXYKITTEN - The Streets Were Paved With Circuit Boards - Field Hymns 2011

OXYKITTEN - The Streets Were Paved With Circuit Boards Cassette

This gorgeous tape reveals some freakiest examples of music for dopey computer games. I mean it. This cassette definitely investigates a new way of getting into virtuality without leaving one's body or anything in this world - a complete transformation. Masterfully exploited drum machines, thoughtfully composed and arranged electronics and perfectly measured dollop of abstract elixir make this thing an inexorably appalling and at times parlously dark disco jam. It yields to you: UP! UP! UP!
Hey pal, pull those white thin things out off your brain and sew a nice suit for dancing.
Buy this splendid tape from Field Hymns records

суббота, 9 июля 2011 г.

Sashash Ulz "Voln" cassette - Full of Nothing 2011

One more tape from the recent batch on FON.
Sashash Ulz "Voln" cassette


After a cassette release on great Sweat Lodge Guru and a split work with Swim with a carrot (as Dva Zagorodnyh Doma) released by Goaty Tapes Sasha delivers a new full-length work 'Voln'. Ten lo-fi tropical jams with transliterated Russian titles open for you a muzzy and elusive world of slurred but sharp, enticing but righteous feelings and colors. Unstable blurred drones, far/low guitars and handmade sounds will like a weather make you a whole day.
Catch up!
Buy from Full of Nothing.

Kraken Mare, M. Akers - Retrograde Tapes 2011

Kraken Mare - Kraken Mare Cassette 

This amazing tape contains two long tracks. The first one describes us a space ship. Yeah, a huge machine that penetrates galaxies and approaches to the stars. The sound damn masterfully shows us each detail, each corner of this ship. We can perceive the linkages, electric columns and futuristic metal forms. The second track shows us how this ship works. And it works very cool... We can see its perfect operations, dynamic moves, easy slide through the space: beauty of man's creation. At the end of the track the ship enters one of millions yet unseen places and soon we loose it. The last signals disappear.

M. Akers - The Elders Of New Detroit

This shit blew my mind. First time I listened to it was few weeks ago. Since that time it's in my play list which I usually delete and rewrite each 2-3 days. There is something very simple and very beautiful in this music. Long queues of synth layers lean over the horizon where a new life comes up. And though the sound does not leave traditional field of synth music it burns out your brain right until you find yourself a baby ready to get to this world for the first time!
The songs move smoothly and drastically at the same time. Highly recommended.
(And yes, I love the art - I have a weakness for frames...)
Buy from Retrograde tapes 

Robedoor- “Rock Bottom” Cassette 2011

Robedoor- “Rock Bottom” Cassette

This 4-track tape became a soundtrack of my day. Shamanistic dances in perplexing esoteric radiance!
Tribal acoustic drone occupies the space around and spreads hordes of low and soulful impulses to captivate you and make you spend the whole day thinking about your own poor mind. Ritualistic, sacred, thoughtful stuff.
Music with many faces. Get a cassette from Night People.    

четверг, 7 июля 2011 г.

TIDAL - the future of an illusion Cassette - Sangoplasmo 2011

Many thanks to Lubomir for submitting this.
TIDAL - the future of an illusion Cassette

 One can find two long tracks on this tape recently released by a young Polish label Sangoplasmo. Two long tracks - two long stories. The narrativeness of the music is obviously shown by the voice that appears in the very beginning of the first track. These stories tell us about human-like beings who lived on Earth millions years before us. They tell us about glassy castles where those creatures were spending their long days and nights. They tell us about their life without words but with sights, actions and thoughts. They tell us about eternal life when every move and every thought is a war-long battle, is a life-long research.
Drone-based noisy flows of sound occur as embalmed details from that time. Feel it.
Buy from Sangoplasmo records.

Banana Pill / Calypso Borealis, Brian Green - Full of Nothing 2011

Here are two recent releases from great Russian Full of Nothing label. Thanks to Ivan for sending this over.

Brian Green "Harvest" 3"CDr 

This album was quite a discovery for me. Actually, Brian Green was a discovery for me. To be honest I knew nothing about this guy before having a listen to this CD.
What one can expect from this record is no less than a unique, unconditionally emotive music; music that deals with the lowest laminations of man's mentality. The sound is not constructed but created. In terms of approach we have here something similar to Solar Ocean works released by taqueOt. The same view, different angle. The same will, different place. This is not really a music. It has no genre, no style. It's  only a feeling effused to a new breathtaking galaxy.

Banana Pill / Calypso Borealis split cassette

This split is a great relaxation/meditation gem. It has all specials common to a tropical-based synth stuff. Imagine yourself lying on a calm water surface. Imagine the sky rapidly changing over your head. Your body seems empty and endless. You're moving somewhere. You do not see where. You do not care where. You're just moving somewhere. The deep sky only and a hint of a feeling - what;s there in the ocean under your back? Is it as deep as the space above you?
Absolutely beautiful free-style thing.

Buy both records from Full of Nothing directly.