четверг, 7 июля 2011 г.

Banana Pill / Calypso Borealis, Brian Green - Full of Nothing 2011

Here are two recent releases from great Russian Full of Nothing label. Thanks to Ivan for sending this over.

Brian Green "Harvest" 3"CDr 

This album was quite a discovery for me. Actually, Brian Green was a discovery for me. To be honest I knew nothing about this guy before having a listen to this CD.
What one can expect from this record is no less than a unique, unconditionally emotive music; music that deals with the lowest laminations of man's mentality. The sound is not constructed but created. In terms of approach we have here something similar to Solar Ocean works released by taqueOt. The same view, different angle. The same will, different place. This is not really a music. It has no genre, no style. It's  only a feeling effused to a new breathtaking galaxy.

Banana Pill / Calypso Borealis split cassette

This split is a great relaxation/meditation gem. It has all specials common to a tropical-based synth stuff. Imagine yourself lying on a calm water surface. Imagine the sky rapidly changing over your head. Your body seems empty and endless. You're moving somewhere. You do not see where. You do not care where. You're just moving somewhere. The deep sky only and a hint of a feeling - what;s there in the ocean under your back? Is it as deep as the space above you?
Absolutely beautiful free-style thing.

Buy both records from Full of Nothing directly.

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