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Stellar Om Source, LRJ Martens & Ada Van Hoorenbeke – Aguirre records 2011

I want to thank Pieter for sending me 4 recent records released on his amazing label Aguirre records.

Stellar Om Source - Heartlands Suite LP

If I am not mistaken, this LP is a re-issue of a CD released some time ago by another one of my favorite labels Ruralfaune.  9 tracks - 9 pure synth compositions. Each following opus seems like a logical continuation of the previous one.  I’ve even got a feeling that it would be right if the album would somehow start over again after the last track has ended.  There is an obvious idea of loopback action stated in this work. Adroitly enweaved sound shows beautiful evenness and certain thaumaturgics usual for foundational stories.  Great stuff!
LRJ Martens & Ada Van Hoorenbeke - Eternal Landscapes LP

This record consists of two long pieces and reminds me of Takeshi Kitano films. Atavistic abstract flows collide with sounds of nature and create a substitutable reality of slow distilled  country-life. Mix of folklore and floristic ideas inaugurates a Young Conjurer of waterfalls and mountain-picks who controls tendinous substance of any relation. The sound perfectly describes a monotonous work or, even better, a process of telling beads. Very intense, tapping music.

Buy both LPs from Aguirre records

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