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Solar Ocean - Unknown, unsigned, untitled CD - ~taqueOT 2011

Thanks to Artem for sending this stuff.

Solar Ocean - Unknown, unsigned, untitled CD 

This businesscard cd-r was recently released on great Ukrainian label ~taqueOT. It contains only one track which is 6 minutes long. Here Solar Ocean (who has already appeared in ~taqueOT catalog) continues to ensue the same traditional line. Long pulled spirals of sonic substance infest the air. The sound thoroughly extracted from the dungeons where the foot may tread almost smells with magic or, to put it better, with places where magic has been a normal state of things. The track ends but you still can hear it for some time.
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  1. коляаааа! это другой диск http://www.discogs.com/Solar-Ocean-Unknown-Unsigned-Untitled/release/2976935