четверг, 14 июля 2011 г.

Giant Claw - Mortal Earth/Morbid Earth - Retrograde tapes 2011

Giant Claw - Mortal Earth/Morbid Earth Cassette

There is a good music that perfectly fits in with your feelings. There is also a good music that forces you to step on a new way and go wherever it takes you. And there is a goddamn good music that makes both. This Giant Claw tape gives you a fresh example of such goddamn good music. Deep heaving synth groaning intersperses with straight-from-the-shoulder electric squashes and sploud pauses. Two long but impetuous tracks easily zonk you out with beautifully arranged telegraphic sound phrases. Nevertheless, overtly and covertly outlined idea of composition-based music piece makes this record sound almost as academic-like stuff. Synth orgasm!
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