воскресенье, 24 июня 2012 г.

Wet Hair - Spill Into Atmosphere LP - De Stijl 2012

Wet Hair - Spill Into Atmosphere LP

New merciless splendid outcome from amazing Wet Hair, who have always reminded me Blur... Sorry for this allusion but what makes Wet Hair different makes me love them even more. Perfectly played, pop and psychedelic at the same time this record forces me to dance and drink whiskey in the morning and that's a rare thing. But what i Love most in this album is vocal. Especially in Blank Sunday. It is so boyish and so strong, so free and so fucking sad, like a Miauh of Gertie (if you know who's Gertie).
Anyway, this is not a revolution. This is a perfect dose of greasy and melodic craziness.
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Oxykitten – Octagonal Wax Cassette - Field Hymns 2012

Oxykitten – Octagonal Wax Cassette

I've been in love with Portland's Field Hymns tape label for a while already. And this great tape is a perfect adding, for sure. Psychedelic but rigid synth vibes attack the surface. Beats rise as mountains constructing a relief. Sky changes its color. Black waters burst through the wholes in the surface creating lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. This sound develops the structure of the new Earth. Who wants to be the first inhabitant? Oh, I mean the second. I am the first.
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Nodolby - Untitled Cassette - Retrograde Tapes 2012

Nodolby - Untitled Cassette

I remember how my good friend described his first real falling-in-love with music. That was in a concert hall. Orchestra. It was tuning up. Seemingly with no order, with no real intention and scheme. Massive and natural animistic expression of sound. These three long pieces are totally about that feeling. Dozens of buttons and lights, complex sound networks, Hyperion's infosphere working. At last you find yourself alone in this place and nobody's on the scene.
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Blanche Blanche Blanche- Wink With Both Eyes LP - Night people 2012

Blanche Blanche Blanche- Wink With Both Eyes LP

Somehow this reminded Anne Laplantine music mixed with shiny post-punk from 80s. No doubt, you can count on this music when you are leaving in a long trip... You know that, pal, long trip yes... You can definitely count on this music crashing up the mix for an evening outburst with 2beers and 2muchachos at the door. You can count on this music when writing a dissertation on a medieval music. Do not stab the floor though with your fucking stick. Be Wagnerish. Turn to the orchestra and fly. Awesome and sincere dance music.
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Ou Du Monde by Mpala Garoo LP - Aguirre 2012

Ou Du Monde by Mpala Garoo LP

Shakespeare in Kabul. Holy rhythms. Holy guitar riffs. Tropical wave in act tripping over one's feet, leaning over the hand wave of a close friend who cares and can find you when you can't find the way home. Long long sleep. Coldplay soul funk emergency splashed reversed blushed lo-fied.
Lets sing these hymns together.
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Woodpecker Wooliams and Golden Cup meet Love Cult “In Russia” - Full od Nothing 2012

Woodpecker Wooliams and Golden Cup meet Love Cult “In Russia” Cassette

Dear friends, i was there! I was there when Avant club was still alive. That was the first time when I heard Luca's sounds and when I first met Ivan and Anya who carry out Full of Nothing activities. This cassette became a sweet reminder for me. Bursting electronics by Golden Cup, Meditative noise-ambient by Love Cult and beautiful experimental folk by Woodpecker Wooliams. Try it. You'll love it as I do.
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