воскресенье, 24 июня 2012 г.

Wet Hair - Spill Into Atmosphere LP - De Stijl 2012

Wet Hair - Spill Into Atmosphere LP

New merciless splendid outcome from amazing Wet Hair, who have always reminded me Blur... Sorry for this allusion but what makes Wet Hair different makes me love them even more. Perfectly played, pop and psychedelic at the same time this record forces me to dance and drink whiskey in the morning and that's a rare thing. But what i Love most in this album is vocal. Especially in Blank Sunday. It is so boyish and so strong, so free and so fucking sad, like a Miauh of Gertie (if you know who's Gertie).
Anyway, this is not a revolution. This is a perfect dose of greasy and melodic craziness.
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