понедельник, 29 августа 2011 г.

Aguirre Records - Promo Mix

Hey dudes!
Check out the promo mix from the Aguirre Records aired on NTS on the 17th of August 2011
Just click the image above.
Stellar Om Source - Grace I
JD Emmanuel - Evening Devotional
Charlatan - Tetrahedron
Panabrite - Atoll
Sean McCann - Unfolding Angels (excerpt)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Censer
Pulse Emitter - Pangaea
Innercity - Opiate Vague

воскресенье, 14 августа 2011 г.

Robedoor - Too Down To Die - Not Not Fun 2011

Robedoor - Too Down To Die LP

Ho-ho, here's a new 4-track gem from LA-based Browns' syndicate Robedoor. Synth molecules are gone troppo while faded vocals troweled on the booming beats draw the plangent guitar meditations as a magneto. What we have at the bottom line is a melodic and a bit nervous, pushy and junkie medley that never stays in a dormant state but takes different shapes and forms, pretty eerie and yet unseen...
Check this out soon on always great Not Not Fun records.   

Thomas Buckner, Edyta Fil, Ilia Belorukov, Alexey Lapin, Juho Laitinen - Bewitched Concert

Thomas Buckner, Edyta Fil, Ilia Belorukov, Alexey Lapin, Juho Laitinen - Bewitched Concert CD

This is a really bewitched concert. Five musicians meet under one roof to present to you aboriginal sound rituals.They call forth dangerous demons who take you away into perilous labyrinths. A listener goes backstage on Earth's mechanics just like a young man in Dostoevsky's 'The dream of a ridiculous man' cruising over his own dream and stumbling across essential arches.
One of the best improv records this year. 
 Buy from Intonema

Edward Sol - Tasma Gang Bang - taqueOt 2011

Edward Sol - Tasma Gang Bang

Many thanks to Artem for sending this material. 
Here comes the latest noise opus from Ukrainian experimentalist Edward Sol. Only one track. 5:25. Masses of bestial sounds which could have been easily used by Pasolini in his films 40 years ago. Break-neck, violent, sexy. Highly recommended!
Buy from ~taqueOT.

Mario Gonzalez’s ‘SUEISFINE’ cassette - Already dead tapes 2011

Mario Gonzalez’s ‘SUEISFINE’ cassette

I want to thank Josh for sending this great tape.
When I first heard this record I thought it was too polished. Mario Gonzalez managed to create a work that shows a perfect sound on every stage of its progress. And that's amazing. Each move is measured, each turn is calculated, each note is in a seemingly one-shot ideal place. Broken electronics and prolate sound waves move under the guise of trip-hop analytics in quite unshaped directions and that puts the whole thing in a field of controversial collisions. At times dance, at times experimental stuff, always ambiguous...
Buy the cassette from Already dead tapes

понедельник, 8 августа 2011 г.

Mattress - Lonely Souls cassette - field hymns 2011

Mattress - Lonely Souls cassette

Oh, my friends know how i usually hate vocals.. It makes no sense for me when someone tries to talk to you and play music at the same time. First music, talk afterwards. But there are exceptions, no surprises. The man behind 'Mattress' (oh well...) is a master. His voice rapaciously corbonadoes the sound as a ship plows the waves. Stunning! At the same time it incidentally turns subtle and even tender. Greasy and at times lo-fi synth plot gives a broad picture of slightly meditative electronic and dance stuff that harks back into 80s.
Splendid work!
Buy from Field Hymns

Hobbledeions / Sugar Sk*-*lls “Secret Fugue Machine” cassette - No Kings 2011

Hobbledeions / Sugar Sk*-*lls “Secret Fugue Machine” cassette

I can hardly understand how so limited edition of so fascinating cassette couldn't have been sold out yet. First side by Hobbledeions presents a long piece of heavily puddled beat fragments mixed with urban soundscapes and frantic/abstract tunes pleached with oscillating trip-hop lines. On side B Sugar Sk*-*lls daintily play in penny-plain 8-bit games contriving to reach some kind of high-stakes drama. really amazing and breathtaking!
Highly recommended.
Buy from No Kings.