четверг, 31 марта 2011 г.

Woodsman - Rare forms 12", Fire Talk Records, 2011

Woodsman – Rare forms 12"

This is a very interesting 12” by Woodsman. The record contains 11 tracks full of reverberated vocals and very lucid drums reccurringly approaching through the massive wall of noisy jams. Righteous guitar accurately moves the sound forward and serves as a guide. The whole thing makes quite a tropical, fresh and calm impression despite how scratchy the sound is sometimes. ‘Rare forms’ is a pretty diverse record. The third track sounds like a post rock while track 8 seems to come from truly Asian traditions. Track 7 is a hopeless noise journey. Highly recommended.  
Woodsman  is a band from Denver.
Buy this record from Fire Talk Records 

вторник, 29 марта 2011 г.

Lee Noble, Nova Scotian Arms & MSOTT split - Sweat Lodge Guru, 2011

Two tapes from Sweat Lodge Guru:
Nova Scotian Arms & MSOTT - Slow Architecture  

Here comes the split from Grant and Rachel Evans. First 8 tracks from NSA (Grant’s solo project) are more ambient and melodic. Steel-ridden capsules produced by the careful bass imbibe consciousness; decent synthesizers impel us to peruse freaky maps of as-yet unseen new age territories. The utterance is clear and a bit nihilistic.
Next 6 tracks by MSOTT (Motion Sickness of time travel is Rachel’s solo project) are more linear and much noisier. Each track is a musical investigation of a particular soundscape. One learns it thoroughly and adumbrates its features. Quite insular sound.
Grant and Rachel Evans are based in Georgia and run a small interesting label Hooker Vision.
(Grant Evans has an upcoming vinyl debut on Digitalis. Check it out soon!)    
Lee Noble - No becoming 

Sounds hidden on this cassette are about lovers and for lovers. It's strange how clear one can perceive so many different types of emotions people experience on the different levels of a relationship listening to this tape. Fear in ‘Cop show’, tenderness and melancholy in ‘Paradise life’, true craziness of a love affair in ‘Fantasy hair’ (Lee Noble has told one of the best drum stories ever on this track!), etc.
Handcrafted sounds, guitars made of glass, and vocals accidentally erupting through the thin walls inexorably fulfill the rete. Run!
Lee Noble resides and makes tunes in Los Angeles, CA.
Watch the video on 'Doesn't matter what's right':

Both tapes are sold out from the Sweat Lodge Guru but you may still get on a roll by searching Tomentosa or Discogs.

понедельник, 28 марта 2011 г.

Mandlebrot & Skyy - OD-Axis, Digitalis, 2011

One of the latest vinyls from Digitalis: 
Mandlebrot & Skyy - OD-Axis

These tunes might have appeared as a soundtrack for Dziga Vertov’s ‘A man with a movie camera’ or for a robot manufacturing documentary. Washed up product eats consumers. The impure vibes gropingly move through the dwindling space, stumbling across cryptic signs and crashed&crusty machines. This teetery and perplexing tape possesses quite a restless frame. Computerized world is on the edge of the abyss.
Excellent electromagnetic hymn.
Mandlebrot & Skyy is a project between Jeffrey Witscher (Rene Hell) and Daren Ho (Raccoo-oo-oon). They have also released a 12” Cuticle on 100% Silk (in collaboration with Brendan O’Keefe).
Buy OD-Axis from Digitalis.

WHITE HILLS – Live on WFMU, Who can you trust?, 2011


This is rock! A real rock surgery inside of the melting surf! Distant vocals erupt almost spontaneously through the cobweb of tidal axes. Bronze guitar riffs are vehement and about tender at the same time. This music makes you smile and laugh and go balmy. Enter the mosh pit immediately! 
White Hills are four guys based in Brooklyn. 
Buy this release from Who can you trust?  
You also can listen to them here - FMA

Ken Seeno, Dylan Ettinger - NNA Tapes, 2011

So, here we've got two awesome cassettes from NNA Tapes: 

Ken Seeno - Invisible Surfer On An Invisible Wave 
Here we enter phantasmagoric woods full of big, slow and peaceful creatures that change their color each second of the tape. The power of unleashed nature appears and dissolves in a chaotic and beautiful way in unexpected places in unexpected order. The limits of evolution and physics are broken. Bottle-littered corridors of perception turn into the space itself. An amazing journey!
Ken Seeno is based in Baltimore. He holds a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Arts. 

Dylan Ettinger - Botany Bay 
The very first Dylan’s sounds I’ve heard were the jiggeting aliens from the tape ‘New Age Outlaws’ released by Not Not fun. In comparison with that record ‘Botany Bay’ is more structured. The sound is more organic and less noisy. Contravening lines are assuaged by a bit hazy synth waves. The whole thing looks like a placid space tissue skewered by invisible cues. A strange tape! So let's wait for Dylan's "Lion Of Judah" 7" which is to be released on Not Not Fun later (who knows, probably this year). 
Dylan runs his own small tape label El Tule.
Both records can be bought from NNA Tapes or their distributors.  

суббота, 26 марта 2011 г.

Red Electric Rainbow - Dark Days LP, Aguirre, 2011

Honestly, I’m in love with Belgian independent scene. There are so many exciting things happening right now in this small country!
Let me introduce you one of the latest releases from the Belgian Aguirre label, which has been putting out lots of mad genius stuff for the last couple of years, including Innercity’s first LP (I can't wait when I'll get the new one released by Ikuisuus/Release the bats) .

Red Electric Rainbow - Dark Days LP
Edition of 200.
This record is able to tell you a story. You know what I mean, right? You listen to it and the song provides you with a reciprocal interaction, which is both rare and quite unclear specie. Daniel D. Smith invents a kind of musical language and you are behooved to respond. The sound is built up on seemingly clear synth traditions, though it somehow puts you in front of a new dimension. Galactic waves are stoned and deeply entrenched in vacuum of the eternity. You are a knight and have to fight them to win a prize. 

Buy it from Aguirre.

Gnod & A Middle Sex split LP, Blackest Rainbow, 2011

This cool split record consists of two long pieces. ‘Why don’t you smile like the other children’ by Gnod sounds like a mirrored recitation.  Plaster bits of psychedelic mantra fall down into an off-white slumgullion and shoal deep. Every move is slow and physically palpable. Definitely electrified tune! ‘Polytheism’ by A Middle Sex rises as a skeleton from the other side. This track is divided into two parts. The first part serves as a calm and vatic introduction and is followed by a more lucid piece with strictly designed percussions and drum vibes. The sound is not blurred but fertile and a bit scratchy. Strings lead us to the end where the last juicy beat waits for us in a zoot suit. 
Both bands reside in Manchester.
Buy a record from Blackest Rainbow

Teenage Panzerkorps - Thee Incantations of Bunker Wolf, 7” Release the bats 2011

Rhythmic bubbles collide and burst releasing viscous substance of sibilant and obtuse punk. This is definitely music for a road-movie. One combs through girthy cities, pied woods, limited spaces and reaches the tower where magicians experiment with unique recipes willing to invent an elixir of a smart and truly gleg post punk. This record is a perfect glee. 
Teenage Panzerkorps are a four-man collective dividing their time between Berlin and San Francisco.
Thee Incantations of Bunker Wolf 7inch can be bought via Release The Bats.

High Wolf, Pedro Magina, Maria Minerva – Not Not Fun Records

Here is a bunch of 2011 cassettes from Not Not Fun records:

Pedro Magina - Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five  
This album from a Pedro Magina from Portugal consists of 8 abstract pieces. Synth drones and reverberations investigate the possibility of eluding oneself. The last track on the A side – Sunday morning – is a classical example of mesmerizing and tranquil analogue play from 80s. Absolutely amazing! B side begins with more ricky-ticky rhythms of Kickflip and then gets back on an oscillating needle, shuddering and pointing on psychic and a bit ambient surfaces. Highly recommended tape. Pedro Magina already has one work ‘Nazca Lines’ EP released on a very good Ruralfaune label carrying out fantastic Synth Series. 

Maria Minerva - Tallinn At Dawn
This 10-track tape opens with pulsating vocals and half-hidden beats. The video on throbbing California Scheming can be viewed via Vimeo. The album is full of coy sound of drum machine, hermal echoes and non-linear melodic lines. Sounds stealthily get under your shirt and fondle a skin with cold and pallid arms. The last track is the noisiest on the tape and finishes the record as an alarm.
Maria was born in Tallin, currently lives and makes tunes in London. Her 12” EP ‘Noble Savage’ is now released by 100% Silk.

High Wolf - Étoile 3030
High Wolf needs no presentations. Here are new 6 tracks lumped in one tape. We’re again put in the center of analogue drone labyrinth. Six signs are to be deciphered. Bass clusters, giant wings of ephemeral fuzz, shadows of breathing trees surround you and whisper. Streaming sounds of cross-fertilizing spirits of nature are on the parade again!

All tapes can be bought directly through the Not Not Fun

воскресенье, 20 марта 2011 г.

Plaistow in Moscow on 30th of March!

Welcome-welcome Swiss jazz heroes!
Plaistow are Johann Bourquenez on the piano, Raphaël Ortis with bass and  Cyril Bondi operating drums. Guys play jazz with a healthy dollop of free passages, melodic stories and noisy scratching. Sometimes they fire up in a free-improvisation mass; sometimes they use a sort of minimalism approach, discovering labyrinths and swirls of black holes on a seemingly well-trodden path paved by Steve Reich.
Many of you might know them thanks to Laurent Peter aka d'incise, who is also based in Geneva and played with Plaistow several times, recorded a remix on one of their songs and even made a cover art for their 2007 release Los Criminales Reciclados En Conductores De Autobuses.

Please visit their show. It’s worth it!
Where? Here: Dome

Andrew Liles · Honey Monster 7''

A new 7inch by Andrew Liles released on Quasi Pop - small label based in Kiev. This record appeared as a part of Monster Serie.
I' ll come clean with you, not all Andrew's work finds a way to my heart.
But this one did find it.
Two sides of freaky idm-beat revelry, crunched up on odd pop melodies, calm and subtle vocoder pieces and electronic buffet! One may see some nursewithwoundian heredity in Honey Monster.. I mean in terms of spirit.
This vinyl is absolutely something new in Anrew's stock-list.
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Woodpecker Wooliams, Golden Cup, Love Cult - 4th April - Moscow

So lets start with drawing your attention to an amazing upcoming show that will take place at Avant Club in Moscow on 3rd of April!
Woodpecker Wooliams (UK), Golden Cup (Italy), Love Cult (Russia) are going to give us a chance to dance and dance and dance and dissolveeeee...
Everyone knows Luca Massolin and exciting things going on his label 8mm. You guys have been thinking about sending him a demo, haven't you? So here is a chance to get closer to this Italian magician.
Love Cult are a nice couple from Karelia. They have already released several fine cassettes and cds (one on one of my favorite Stunned records). Additionally they're carrying out quite promising label Full of Nothing which has a few highly recommended recordings in the catalog. I bought Keijo "First Time" recently from them - and that's a true treasure!!!
Miss Woodpecker Wooliams is a girl with a harp, a small synthesizer and even smaller noisy things, that help her to create and spread fissile and juicy sounds.
Don't miss it!
Link to address: