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Mandlebrot & Skyy - OD-Axis, Digitalis, 2011

One of the latest vinyls from Digitalis: 
Mandlebrot & Skyy - OD-Axis

These tunes might have appeared as a soundtrack for Dziga Vertov’s ‘A man with a movie camera’ or for a robot manufacturing documentary. Washed up product eats consumers. The impure vibes gropingly move through the dwindling space, stumbling across cryptic signs and crashed&crusty machines. This teetery and perplexing tape possesses quite a restless frame. Computerized world is on the edge of the abyss.
Excellent electromagnetic hymn.
Mandlebrot & Skyy is a project between Jeffrey Witscher (Rene Hell) and Daren Ho (Raccoo-oo-oon). They have also released a 12” Cuticle on 100% Silk (in collaboration with Brendan O’Keefe).
Buy OD-Axis from Digitalis.

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