суббота, 26 марта 2011 г.

Gnod & A Middle Sex split LP, Blackest Rainbow, 2011

This cool split record consists of two long pieces. ‘Why don’t you smile like the other children’ by Gnod sounds like a mirrored recitation.  Plaster bits of psychedelic mantra fall down into an off-white slumgullion and shoal deep. Every move is slow and physically palpable. Definitely electrified tune! ‘Polytheism’ by A Middle Sex rises as a skeleton from the other side. This track is divided into two parts. The first part serves as a calm and vatic introduction and is followed by a more lucid piece with strictly designed percussions and drum vibes. The sound is not blurred but fertile and a bit scratchy. Strings lead us to the end where the last juicy beat waits for us in a zoot suit. 
Both bands reside in Manchester.
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