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Ken Seeno, Dylan Ettinger - NNA Tapes, 2011

So, here we've got two awesome cassettes from NNA Tapes: 

Ken Seeno - Invisible Surfer On An Invisible Wave 
Here we enter phantasmagoric woods full of big, slow and peaceful creatures that change their color each second of the tape. The power of unleashed nature appears and dissolves in a chaotic and beautiful way in unexpected places in unexpected order. The limits of evolution and physics are broken. Bottle-littered corridors of perception turn into the space itself. An amazing journey!
Ken Seeno is based in Baltimore. He holds a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Arts. 

Dylan Ettinger - Botany Bay 
The very first Dylan’s sounds I’ve heard were the jiggeting aliens from the tape ‘New Age Outlaws’ released by Not Not fun. In comparison with that record ‘Botany Bay’ is more structured. The sound is more organic and less noisy. Contravening lines are assuaged by a bit hazy synth waves. The whole thing looks like a placid space tissue skewered by invisible cues. A strange tape! So let's wait for Dylan's "Lion Of Judah" 7" which is to be released on Not Not Fun later (who knows, probably this year). 
Dylan runs his own small tape label El Tule.
Both records can be bought from NNA Tapes or their distributors.  

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