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Lee Noble, Nova Scotian Arms & MSOTT split - Sweat Lodge Guru, 2011

Two tapes from Sweat Lodge Guru:
Nova Scotian Arms & MSOTT - Slow Architecture  

Here comes the split from Grant and Rachel Evans. First 8 tracks from NSA (Grant’s solo project) are more ambient and melodic. Steel-ridden capsules produced by the careful bass imbibe consciousness; decent synthesizers impel us to peruse freaky maps of as-yet unseen new age territories. The utterance is clear and a bit nihilistic.
Next 6 tracks by MSOTT (Motion Sickness of time travel is Rachel’s solo project) are more linear and much noisier. Each track is a musical investigation of a particular soundscape. One learns it thoroughly and adumbrates its features. Quite insular sound.
Grant and Rachel Evans are based in Georgia and run a small interesting label Hooker Vision.
(Grant Evans has an upcoming vinyl debut on Digitalis. Check it out soon!)    
Lee Noble - No becoming 

Sounds hidden on this cassette are about lovers and for lovers. It's strange how clear one can perceive so many different types of emotions people experience on the different levels of a relationship listening to this tape. Fear in ‘Cop show’, tenderness and melancholy in ‘Paradise life’, true craziness of a love affair in ‘Fantasy hair’ (Lee Noble has told one of the best drum stories ever on this track!), etc.
Handcrafted sounds, guitars made of glass, and vocals accidentally erupting through the thin walls inexorably fulfill the rete. Run!
Lee Noble resides and makes tunes in Los Angeles, CA.
Watch the video on 'Doesn't matter what's right':

Both tapes are sold out from the Sweat Lodge Guru but you may still get on a roll by searching Tomentosa or Discogs.

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