воскресенье, 20 марта 2011 г.

Plaistow in Moscow on 30th of March!

Welcome-welcome Swiss jazz heroes!
Plaistow are Johann Bourquenez on the piano, Raphaël Ortis with bass and  Cyril Bondi operating drums. Guys play jazz with a healthy dollop of free passages, melodic stories and noisy scratching. Sometimes they fire up in a free-improvisation mass; sometimes they use a sort of minimalism approach, discovering labyrinths and swirls of black holes on a seemingly well-trodden path paved by Steve Reich.
Many of you might know them thanks to Laurent Peter aka d'incise, who is also based in Geneva and played with Plaistow several times, recorded a remix on one of their songs and even made a cover art for their 2007 release Los Criminales Reciclados En Conductores De Autobuses.

Please visit their show. It’s worth it!
Where? Here: Dome

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