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Michael Tapscott with Andrew Kenower "GOOD MORNING, AFRICA" LP - Bookmaker Records

Michael Tapscott with Andrew Kenower "GOOD MORNING, AFRICA" LP

This came today from a young Paris-based label Bookmaker Records. Firstly I thought that it is worth an immediate review and a thankful letter to a a sender. But then in a few minutes I found myself writing some spontaneous words on a newspaper that my wife left on a table near the bed. I understood that it's not my will anymore. I am forced to speak about this record. It is terrificly powerful. Some undetermined strength are hiding on it. And they effect you in so different ways. The sound is based on a pretty cool atmospheric electronics mixed with pallid vocals and mesmerizing field recordings. One's lifted and gets some ambiguous and almost palpable feelings similar to what one feels looking at amazing landscape from the top of the mountain. There's also a very thin and fascinating aspect that this record did manage to provide. I am telling about the feeling that one gets on the top - when you want to jump. You know that you will die. You know that it is not normal to jump and you definitely know that you really do not want to jump. But something inside of you pushes you. And then when your mind refuses and you get down safely you recall this moment with a sacral awe. Beautiful and thoughtful work. I wish I had a physical copy.
You should go here to buy the record - Bookmaker Records.

White Out - Asphalt and Delay LP - AudioMer

White Out - Asphalt and Delay LP

Greasy and unstable, claustrophobic and constantly running away, very little and very shy, collecting postcards and leaning towards the water, reading bestsellers and physics magazines, killing flies and making keys right around the corner on the street where you live!
This record made me imagine how people I see every day around me are complex. Every person. Every single person has a complex world inside and a strong relationship with God. Not a very fresh idea. But have you ever thought about it seriously?
Buy from AudioMER.

Pulse Emitter - Aeons LP - Aguirre

Pulse Emitter - Aeons LP

Oh, this is a beautiful stuff... Amazing, toughing composition! A perfect soundtrack to such films as a Moon 2112 or The Turin Horse. Calm and pouring down as a dust synth reverberations gradually open new sound planets for an observant listener. Everything on this record deals with the microscopic values and measures... Pulse Emitter somehow draws one's attention to the material that can't be seen without splitting up the sound. On the contrary sounds keep steady and naturally complete forms. Fantastic journey.
Buy this great record here - Aguirre.

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Buy two CDrs and LP   for 10 Euro and SAVE 14 Euro!!!

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Lafidki / Orphan I Oliver - Split LP DDLP0001 - LP in a full-color sleeve

Side A:
01 - Lafidki - Siegfried and Artemis is Diane
02 - Lafidki - I'm the Matador and you're the
basketball player
03 - Lafidki - Phanat Phoenix
Side B:
01 - Orpha I Oliver - Haunting + Heart
02 - Orpha I Oliver - Cherry Belly
03 - Orpha I Oliver - Stray birds
This amazing split between two french artists
shows a promising coliision od dark folk and heavy synth wave. Awesome polished electronics
produced by Lafidki occupy the Side A and open
up as a huge colorful flower with sharp angles.
Side B is more plastic and more intimate. Beautiful vocals step through the darkness of meditative
guitars and electroacoustic vibes.
Lafidki - http://lafidki.free.fr
Orpha I Oliver - http://thisisthewaywe.tumblr.com
Artwork by Saphy Vong

Price - 10 euro / 400 рублей

ANDREAS BRANDAL - The Merchant of Salt  
DDLC0003 - CDr in full-color 6-page digipak

01. Existence Is Elsewhere
02. Anemic Cinema
03. School Of the Thread
04. Staircase
05. Kinetic
06. Chance Operations
07. End Game
08. The Merchant Of Salt
Edition of 100.
Here comes a new record from one of the best
known Norwegian experimentalists. Eight tracks
of quite dark, jiggeting electro-acoustic and noise
soundscapes will open to you a door which you
have never noticed before.
Andreas Brandal – www.andreasbrandal.com
Recorded at The Station, Bergen
from January to May 2011.

Price - 7 euro / 280 рублей  

RELENTLESS - Souffle et mécaniqu
DDLC0004 - CDr in 6-page full-color digipak

01 – Untitled –  26:04
Edition of 100.     
The third offering from this amazing Paris-based
sax-duo. Long corridors full of expectations
and fears are welcoming you to find a way out. Enter
the labyrinth and go.
Recorded live at Galerie G, "l'art au garage", Paris,
June 2011
Relentless: Artur Vidal and Sébastien Branche,
saxophones and objects
website : www.relentless.es
Artwork by Joshua Tabbia
Price - 7 euro / 280 рублей  

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Expo 70 - Hovering Resonance LP - Sound of Cobra

Expo 70 - Hovering Resonance LP

Here's a new offering from a gorgeous Missouri-based musician.
The atmosphere of this record reminded me of the soundtrack for the Deadman by Neil Young. Cruel low guitar riffs arise from the surgent electronic noise as violent luminaries. Colorful birds of suppressed solo fall down attacking long and slow synth flesh. Great music with clear idea.
You can find it here - Sound of Cobra

Tulasi / Caligine split Cassette - Jozik records

Tulasi / Caligine split Cassette

Beautiful! There's no other word to describe this record. Some folklore melodies are tenderly wrapped in a warm tropical sunlight. The sound on each of the tracks is charmingly welcoming and illuminating. The melodies stream as a single flow. Azure mudulations keep one's body on the surface and one feels how everything around strives to make him happy. Encore. Fantastic split work.
Buy it here - Jozik records.

Forget The Times - Soul Music LP - Already dead tapes

Forget The Times - Soul Music LP

A new release by Forget the times.
After the cassette released earlier on the same label Forget the times come back with more funky and more avantgarde-directed sound. Juicy percussion stumbles against the guitar seemingly by mistake. And then it somehow appears that they have lots of things to do together! They go to an expensive restaurant, order pizza and find out that they have no pizza in menu. So they begin to think... They order some meat. Meat is tasty but there's a bullet in it. The waiter assures them that the bullet is actually a part of a recipe and it is supposed to be swallowed in the end as a tablet. But percussion does not agree with this. It seems stupid to swallow a bullet. A guitar pulls out a revolver. It will be a very nice desert! One can hear no shot. One is sleeping. Or maybe hiding under the pillows and blankets.
Buy it here - Already dead tapes.

edward sol - how can i sleep with these voices in my head - Cassette - Sangoplasmo

edward sol - how can i sleep with these voices in my head - Cassette

I remember when a few months ago when I was in Kiev Edward was telling me about this work., So now it is out. Hundreds frogs. Pure and magical sound of nature without any interruptions and interventions. Field recording inauguration. Impressive.
Buy the tape here - Sangoplasmo.

Hieroglyphic Being - Le jardin des chemins bifurquants LP - AudioMer

Hieroglyphic Being - Le jardin des chemins bifurquants LP

Absolutely the best album I've heard this year as of today. Innocent and thoughtful composition is mixed with surrealistic hints of improvised synth stuff masterfully. Actually I even can see the real story behind this music. The author tells it with affection and passion. Objects and characters appear and disappear fast but in a precise order. Punk dancers fall on the IDM dance floor and are forced to dance minimal synth dances. I can not describe it better. I am totally in love with this release.
Urgently buy a copy - AudioMER

Mythomaniacs Are Right - There Is No Such Thing As Death- Life Is Only A Dream And We Are The Imagination Of Ourselves

Mythomaniacs Are Right - There Is No Such Thing As Death- Life Is Only A Dream And We Are The Imagination Of Ourselves - Cassette

The title is so long, is not so? Why? This music is supposed to claim that death does not exist. It means that life does not exist either. So where these sound come from? Well, anyway. I do not care. And honestly I do not give a fuck what philosophical ideas author(s) want to share with us. Track number 3 changed my attitude to this tape. And I decided not to think anymore about such things. The music we are offered is... kind. It is so kind... so nice and so sweat... so LIFE-asserting and optimistic... And of course it is simple. It should be simple. Melodies travel inside my stomach as Bedouins in the desert. They are the only ones who know where to go and why.
Take this from always amazing Already dead tapes.

felicia atkinson - crystal arrows for a cosmic king - Cassette - Sangoplasmo

felicia atkinson - crystal arrows for a cosmic king - Cassette

Here come a new tape from Felicia from Felicia Atkinson. From the very first sound one gets the idea of a raw nature of the whole album. The music lead us nowhere. This is obvious. Felicia tells us without any irrelevant allusions that the music is not a leader. It is a clap - a lucid and freaky clap of the nature. Our mind's games always end up with this clap. Shiny and greasy waves move around and laugh.
Get it - Sangoplasmo.

Ashley Paul's 'Slow Boat' LP on Orange Milk

Thanks to Keith for sharing this.
Ashley Paul's 'Slow Boat' LP

This is a good comeback album, haha. I am a bit ill today. Caught a flu. I woke up very late. Then I moved to the kitchen and had some coffee. I am now listening to this album. And I want to go back to bed. Then wake up again. Then move to the kitchen again. Then have some coffee again. Then go to the bed again. Then wake up again. Then move to the kitchen again. Then have some coffee again. Then and then and then and again and again and again. This is a pure circling meditation soundtrack. The meaninglessness of human life has no taste indeed. Or maybe the taste of morning coffee.
Here is it - Slow Boat.