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Buy two CDrs    for 10 Euro and SAVE 4 Euro!
Buy two CDrs and LP   for 10 Euro and SAVE 14 Euro!!!

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Lafidki / Orphan I Oliver - Split LP DDLP0001 - LP in a full-color sleeve

Side A:
01 - Lafidki - Siegfried and Artemis is Diane
02 - Lafidki - I'm the Matador and you're the
basketball player
03 - Lafidki - Phanat Phoenix
Side B:
01 - Orpha I Oliver - Haunting + Heart
02 - Orpha I Oliver - Cherry Belly
03 - Orpha I Oliver - Stray birds
This amazing split between two french artists
shows a promising coliision od dark folk and heavy synth wave. Awesome polished electronics
produced by Lafidki occupy the Side A and open
up as a huge colorful flower with sharp angles.
Side B is more plastic and more intimate. Beautiful vocals step through the darkness of meditative
guitars and electroacoustic vibes.
Lafidki - http://lafidki.free.fr
Orpha I Oliver - http://thisisthewaywe.tumblr.com
Artwork by Saphy Vong

Price - 10 euro / 400 рублей

ANDREAS BRANDAL - The Merchant of Salt  
DDLC0003 - CDr in full-color 6-page digipak

01. Existence Is Elsewhere
02. Anemic Cinema
03. School Of the Thread
04. Staircase
05. Kinetic
06. Chance Operations
07. End Game
08. The Merchant Of Salt
Edition of 100.
Here comes a new record from one of the best
known Norwegian experimentalists. Eight tracks
of quite dark, jiggeting electro-acoustic and noise
soundscapes will open to you a door which you
have never noticed before.
Andreas Brandal – www.andreasbrandal.com
Recorded at The Station, Bergen
from January to May 2011.

Price - 7 euro / 280 рублей  

RELENTLESS - Souffle et mécaniqu
DDLC0004 - CDr in 6-page full-color digipak

01 – Untitled –  26:04
Edition of 100.     
The third offering from this amazing Paris-based
sax-duo. Long corridors full of expectations
and fears are welcoming you to find a way out. Enter
the labyrinth and go.
Recorded live at Galerie G, "l'art au garage", Paris,
June 2011
Relentless: Artur Vidal and Sébastien Branche,
saxophones and objects
website : www.relentless.es
Artwork by Joshua Tabbia
Price - 7 euro / 280 рублей  

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