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Michael Tapscott with Andrew Kenower "GOOD MORNING, AFRICA" LP - Bookmaker Records

Michael Tapscott with Andrew Kenower "GOOD MORNING, AFRICA" LP

This came today from a young Paris-based label Bookmaker Records. Firstly I thought that it is worth an immediate review and a thankful letter to a a sender. But then in a few minutes I found myself writing some spontaneous words on a newspaper that my wife left on a table near the bed. I understood that it's not my will anymore. I am forced to speak about this record. It is terrificly powerful. Some undetermined strength are hiding on it. And they effect you in so different ways. The sound is based on a pretty cool atmospheric electronics mixed with pallid vocals and mesmerizing field recordings. One's lifted and gets some ambiguous and almost palpable feelings similar to what one feels looking at amazing landscape from the top of the mountain. There's also a very thin and fascinating aspect that this record did manage to provide. I am telling about the feeling that one gets on the top - when you want to jump. You know that you will die. You know that it is not normal to jump and you definitely know that you really do not want to jump. But something inside of you pushes you. And then when your mind refuses and you get down safely you recall this moment with a sacral awe. Beautiful and thoughtful work. I wish I had a physical copy.
You should go here to buy the record - Bookmaker Records.

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