четверг, 8 марта 2012 г.

Forget The Times - Soul Music LP - Already dead tapes

Forget The Times - Soul Music LP

A new release by Forget the times.
After the cassette released earlier on the same label Forget the times come back with more funky and more avantgarde-directed sound. Juicy percussion stumbles against the guitar seemingly by mistake. And then it somehow appears that they have lots of things to do together! They go to an expensive restaurant, order pizza and find out that they have no pizza in menu. So they begin to think... They order some meat. Meat is tasty but there's a bullet in it. The waiter assures them that the bullet is actually a part of a recipe and it is supposed to be swallowed in the end as a tablet. But percussion does not agree with this. It seems stupid to swallow a bullet. A guitar pulls out a revolver. It will be a very nice desert! One can hear no shot. One is sleeping. Or maybe hiding under the pillows and blankets.
Buy it here - Already dead tapes.

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