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Woodpecker Wooliams, Golden Cup, Love Cult - 4th April - Moscow

So lets start with drawing your attention to an amazing upcoming show that will take place at Avant Club in Moscow on 3rd of April!
Woodpecker Wooliams (UK), Golden Cup (Italy), Love Cult (Russia) are going to give us a chance to dance and dance and dance and dissolveeeee...
Everyone knows Luca Massolin and exciting things going on his label 8mm. You guys have been thinking about sending him a demo, haven't you? So here is a chance to get closer to this Italian magician.
Love Cult are a nice couple from Karelia. They have already released several fine cassettes and cds (one on one of my favorite Stunned records). Additionally they're carrying out quite promising label Full of Nothing which has a few highly recommended recordings in the catalog. I bought Keijo "First Time" recently from them - and that's a true treasure!!!
Miss Woodpecker Wooliams is a girl with a harp, a small synthesizer and even smaller noisy things, that help her to create and spread fissile and juicy sounds.
Don't miss it!
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