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Red Electric Rainbow - Dark Days LP, Aguirre, 2011

Honestly, I’m in love with Belgian independent scene. There are so many exciting things happening right now in this small country!
Let me introduce you one of the latest releases from the Belgian Aguirre label, which has been putting out lots of mad genius stuff for the last couple of years, including Innercity’s first LP (I can't wait when I'll get the new one released by Ikuisuus/Release the bats) .

Red Electric Rainbow - Dark Days LP
Edition of 200.
This record is able to tell you a story. You know what I mean, right? You listen to it and the song provides you with a reciprocal interaction, which is both rare and quite unclear specie. Daniel D. Smith invents a kind of musical language and you are behooved to respond. The sound is built up on seemingly clear synth traditions, though it somehow puts you in front of a new dimension. Galactic waves are stoned and deeply entrenched in vacuum of the eternity. You are a knight and have to fight them to win a prize. 

Buy it from Aguirre.

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