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High Wolf, Pedro Magina, Maria Minerva – Not Not Fun Records

Here is a bunch of 2011 cassettes from Not Not Fun records:

Pedro Magina - Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five  
This album from a Pedro Magina from Portugal consists of 8 abstract pieces. Synth drones and reverberations investigate the possibility of eluding oneself. The last track on the A side – Sunday morning – is a classical example of mesmerizing and tranquil analogue play from 80s. Absolutely amazing! B side begins with more ricky-ticky rhythms of Kickflip and then gets back on an oscillating needle, shuddering and pointing on psychic and a bit ambient surfaces. Highly recommended tape. Pedro Magina already has one work ‘Nazca Lines’ EP released on a very good Ruralfaune label carrying out fantastic Synth Series. 

Maria Minerva - Tallinn At Dawn
This 10-track tape opens with pulsating vocals and half-hidden beats. The video on throbbing California Scheming can be viewed via Vimeo. The album is full of coy sound of drum machine, hermal echoes and non-linear melodic lines. Sounds stealthily get under your shirt and fondle a skin with cold and pallid arms. The last track is the noisiest on the tape and finishes the record as an alarm.
Maria was born in Tallin, currently lives and makes tunes in London. Her 12” EP ‘Noble Savage’ is now released by 100% Silk.

High Wolf - Étoile 3030
High Wolf needs no presentations. Here are new 6 tracks lumped in one tape. We’re again put in the center of analogue drone labyrinth. Six signs are to be deciphered. Bass clusters, giant wings of ephemeral fuzz, shadows of breathing trees surround you and whisper. Streaming sounds of cross-fertilizing spirits of nature are on the parade again!

All tapes can be bought directly through the Not Not Fun

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