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Adderall Canyonly, Boron - Fieald Hymns 2011

Two more recent tapes from Portland-based Field Hymns records:

Adderall Canyonly - The Ascension of St. Diamond and the Battles of Oxtest Cassette

Hey, honestly I'm fed up to my back teeth with................since we’re caged in small stifling rooms running down the greasy slope like cut off a-clenched fists, stumbling across ancient bones, gaining and kicking habits, blowing up rocks and mountains, never stopping unless one had shown how and was trusted – 
with straight faces and cagy eyes we are trying to foresee a benign radiance, taking and dropping things, taking and loosing chances. The fields of our research never contain anything of what we are currently looking for. It seems no one had ever gained a thing… and everyone is now behooved to be a donor for a derogatory chorus of the last song of the planet…
You must get this cassette by all means! It's now in my this year's top5. 

Boron - Aria Statica Cassette

I like the rotten tendons and nerves of the half-living outdoors shown in this tape. I like how the morning silhouettes in people’s talks and gestures shown in this tape. I like how the shadows dissolve in blinkered windows shown in this tape. And I love how tenderly these songs erupt through the massive walls.
Dominant rhetoric exercises from Boron. Beautiful.

Grab both cassettes at Field Hymns.  


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