четверг, 7 июля 2011 г.

TIDAL - the future of an illusion Cassette - Sangoplasmo 2011

Many thanks to Lubomir for submitting this.
TIDAL - the future of an illusion Cassette

 One can find two long tracks on this tape recently released by a young Polish label Sangoplasmo. Two long tracks - two long stories. The narrativeness of the music is obviously shown by the voice that appears in the very beginning of the first track. These stories tell us about human-like beings who lived on Earth millions years before us. They tell us about glassy castles where those creatures were spending their long days and nights. They tell us about their life without words but with sights, actions and thoughts. They tell us about eternal life when every move and every thought is a war-long battle, is a life-long research.
Drone-based noisy flows of sound occur as embalmed details from that time. Feel it.
Buy from Sangoplasmo records.

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