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Kraken Mare, M. Akers - Retrograde Tapes 2011

Kraken Mare - Kraken Mare Cassette 

This amazing tape contains two long tracks. The first one describes us a space ship. Yeah, a huge machine that penetrates galaxies and approaches to the stars. The sound damn masterfully shows us each detail, each corner of this ship. We can perceive the linkages, electric columns and futuristic metal forms. The second track shows us how this ship works. And it works very cool... We can see its perfect operations, dynamic moves, easy slide through the space: beauty of man's creation. At the end of the track the ship enters one of millions yet unseen places and soon we loose it. The last signals disappear.

M. Akers - The Elders Of New Detroit

This shit blew my mind. First time I listened to it was few weeks ago. Since that time it's in my play list which I usually delete and rewrite each 2-3 days. There is something very simple and very beautiful in this music. Long queues of synth layers lean over the horizon where a new life comes up. And though the sound does not leave traditional field of synth music it burns out your brain right until you find yourself a baby ready to get to this world for the first time!
The songs move smoothly and drastically at the same time. Highly recommended.
(And yes, I love the art - I have a weakness for frames...)
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