среда, 29 июня 2011 г.

William Bowers’ ‘Soundtracks #2′ Cassette - Already dead tapes - 2011

William Bowers’ ‘Soundtracks #2′ Cassette
First of all, I'm in love with cover arts and package design the guys from Already Dead Tapes make for their cassettes. It's so minimally beautiful and tasty!
On this nice tape Mr. Bowers presents to us four lo-fi, concrete and even old avant-gard ambient tracks which end up with a fifth one - surprisingly more melodic and drone-based. Fragile and refrangible sound lines are accommodating some kind of  fleshy sun energy and put it lingeringly and caressingly in each skin pore of your body.
Good thing.
Buy it directly from Already dead tapes.    

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