понедельник, 27 июня 2011 г.

MERZBOW - JIGOKUHEN - LP, Important Records 2011

Thanks to D. for delivering me this great record.

Yo dudes, open your minds or may be you've already opened and I'm just catching up? The freakiest thing about this record (about Merzbow?) is that it's completely soothing. I was prepared to almost everything except this. Uncontrolled, emergent appeasement. Hah, it seems so fucking simple now - who said the world should be harsh, evil, dark, brutal with all its noisy, worrying and annoying movements, races and outbursts? It stays calm all the time. No ambitions, no prejudices. Kill each other, you bigots and I'll have my usual cup of tea.
It's tea time, guys!
Buy this LP from Important records.

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