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FWY! - CA 80's-90's, Brave Mysteries Cassette 2011

FWY! - CA 80's-90's Cassette

FWY! is a new project from Edmund Xavier (you can know him for his work on Teenage Panzerkorps material). Reddling volatile electronics occupy this fantastic tape. Each track sounds very melodic and... familiar.. not as though you have already heard something like this but as though you have stumbled across something that grimly reveals some essential images and objects from your patchy memory. This is music for thinking - firefanging skein of nerves, inner mental fibres producing a sort of virtual reality for life reconstruction. Each track is a tool, each track is a key, a graphic code to be put in man's genom thoroughly, thoughtfully though inexorably.
Highly recommended.
Buy this cassette from Brave mysteries.

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