понедельник, 6 июня 2011 г.

INNERCITY - BACKWORLD LP, Release the bats - Ikuisuus 2011

At long last I received this great 12 inch. So what is it? Sound by Belgian master Innersity put out by two amazing labels: Release the bats and Ikuisuus.


Centuries come and go alternately. Day turns into night. Night turns into day. The land blenches feeling the tenacity of the water. Water changes its color and courses. There is a man somewhere in the centre of these nature's chores. He sits in a room and holds a glass of alcohol. He's looking at a woman. That man does not have time to feel so many things. The time does not have time to provide him this time. The world shrivels and diminishes. It turns into a coin. The man sits in a room. He spins a coin.
Beautiful music! It's fucking gorgeous stuff! Slow slightly vibrating dramatic waves pack the brain with unstable fog and subtilize the sight.
Buy this fantastic LP either from Release the bats or Ikuisuus or from their distributors.

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