пятница, 15 апреля 2011 г.

Riasni Drova – RRRSOTFROWE, ~taqueOT 2011

Here's a new release from ~taqueOT!
Thanks to Artem for providing this material.

Riasni Drova – RRRSOTFROWE

There are three tracks on this CD. The first one is an abstract piece full of flexuous strings composed in John Rose's style and accompanied by rare contorted voices. Next two tracks continue the same line but in a more freenoise manner. Deranged acoustic guitars get riled up in spooky sound tunnels. Unleashed improvisation is resolute and invites us to discover ruins of a medieval monastery. This tape is crammed with shadows!
Lusterless, meditative composition.
Riasni Drova is a duo from Lviv.
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