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Edward Sol - Provocative Manner, Quasi Pop records, 2011

Check out one of the latest cassettes from Kiev-based Quasi Pop records.
Many thanks to Ed Sol for sending this!

Edward Sol - Provocative Manner, Cassette

This is a solo-work by Ed, who actually runs the label.
'Provocative manner' is done in a provocative manner!  I am surprised that all cassettes are OK and not damaged by the sound hidden inside. And I tell this not because it's a noise record, though it is, but because the sound has an extremely physical shape. It's not harsh at all, it's ... provocative!
The first 25-minute track delivers lots of noise schemes enreached with some electronic loops and sometimes even ambient sounds. Second track is quieter and uses more abstract approaches. The sound is changing all the time; it easily spawns new dimensions and travels from one to another creating an intelligent multi-tiered structure.
Highly experimental - highly provocative - highly recommended!
Buy this one directly from Quasi Pop records.

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