пятница, 22 апреля 2011 г.

Lunar Miasma - Arrival Cassette, Field Studies 2011

Here's the recent work from Lunar Miasma released on Field Studies label.

Lunar Miasma - Arrival Cassette

There are two 10-minute tracks on this tape. The first one deals with very physical and very bodily sound schemes. Nerves, tendons, wrists, knuckles, fingers are ripped apart and create slow-motioned collages which nevertheless sound not maimed but mad inflammatory. The coils of synth smoke float around tingling and producing massive drone scum. Second track is more minimal. It's all about sculpturesque and a bit callow sound substances which throng into psychic swirls soaring high above the earth and retailing kosmische gossips.
Lunar Miasma is Panos Alexiadis, sound magician based in Athens.
You can still by this amazing tape directly from Field Studies.

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