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Aranos - In Snow On Ice Cabbage Dances, Sangoplasmo, 2011

Lubomir kindly sent me the tracks from the very first release on his newly established label Sangoplasmo.
So here it is:

Aranos - In Snow On Ice Cabbage Dances

The sound pokes into its most abstract abilities on this tape. It concists of two 30-minute tracks.
On the first track (Overborne continents) the sound fidgets and touches its own parts trying to understand the holy nature of each sonic move. Lucid and dramatic percussion appears as an onlooker constantly checking the time as if waiting for something. Slow and quiet guitar passes by and leaves deliquescing trace behind. The latter is immediately filling out with amorphous, sibilat substance and eternal vibes. This is an image of an empty city.
The second track (Therefore autumn therefore) shows the same approach but from a different angle. The 'kinoeye' is chained to the only sight. What we hear is a rendition of that sight. More and more details appear in the depiction. Convulsive sounds of bells are trying to remove us from the fixed point and at the end of 8th minute they do manage to do that. We enter a massive, cold and windy sound environment rarely interrupted by quiet ritual beats and far guitar drones. At the end melodic and unusually warm strings appear as the last tempting but then we find ourselves in the cold desert again. Very strong, masterful story.
Highly recommended!
Aranos is an artist based in Czech Republic (he had several collaborations with 'Nurse with wound' and Current 93)
You can by this tape directly from the label - Sangoplasmo

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