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black hippies - wicker house, prairie fire, 2011

6 news cassettes on Prairie fire!
Here's one of them:

Black Hippies - Wicker house, cassette 

This tape is totally mad. It contains 7 tracks that present absolutely darkest side of free acoustic noise. Harsh cacophony constructed of chaotic percussions and guitar screams bring the Wicker house directly to your door. Rudderless and blatant shadows from the dark world seem to be blind. They inevitably have to move slowly and gropingly, tripping over their own feet and shouldering each other. This looks like a strange, scary but somehow very attractive dance. A morbidly mesmerizing game of mind.
I think 'Wicker house' could be a great soundtrack for Jan Svankmajer's films.
Black Hippies is a dou from Minnesota.
Limited to 60. Look and grab.

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