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Sean McCann - The Capital, Aguirre, 2011

Sean McCann - The Capital LP 

I don’t know how Sean McCann had thought out this record but for me it’s all about water, about watching water, touching it, smelling it, depicting its features.
On the first track we sit on a shore and watch the calm water surface. We catch reflections, specks and gleams it produces. Tender but persistent guitar drones wrap ferment synth waves.
The second track is a boat trip along the fast but still calm river. We feel that the boat is only a part of the water. We feel that we are a part of the boat. Every sound on this track shows the synergetic power of the world.
On the third track we go deep. We see beautiful fishes, giant and slow whales, magic electric rays and unknown monsters. They talk to each other with signals, which we can’t understand.
We resurface on the fourth track and see the sky, which seems to be closer then ever. We’re in the middle of the ocean. Waves are soft and pushy. They lead us. Cosmic voices are mixed with massive but melodic drones and pulsating vibes.
The fifth track is the most acoustic one. Awkward piano, quiet guitar and thin arrows of strings guide us through the masses of warm water. It rains (I am not sure about this but I definitely saw the rain when I listened to the track first time).
The last track shows us the unknown powers of water. We see that it can be aggressive and mercy, fun and even freak. We see that it’s alive. We can find more abstract sounds on this track, which add some incompleteness to the whole story.
Absolutely splendid work! One of the best albums in 2011 up to date.
You can still buy a copy from Aguirre.

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