суббота, 2 апреля 2011 г.

Shameless Barbarians «Pinkmilk», Quasi Pop, 2011

Ed Sol kindly shared with me this record recently released on his label Quasi pop.
Shameless Barbarians «Pinkmilk»

Sounds for this tape were recorded in 2008 by a trio from Ukraine. Each side contains a different version of two stories - Birdmilk and Pinkmilk. Both present a singular movement towards the kosmische tradition. The massive sounds of organ collide with fast and serpentine arrows of vocoder pieces. The latter try to quibble but are inevitably caught and tightly sprouted by the army of scrappy tape loops and echoes. One gets nowhere but revolves about one's axis hovering as a bird on the wind above the unquiet ocean. Though the tape is more or less ambient, it seems to possess a kind of drama common to diverse instrumental music.
Highly recommended.
Buy this awesome cassette from Quasi pop.

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