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Giant Claw - Midnight Murder, Orange Milk 2011

Keith kindly sent me one of the latest cassettes released on Orange Milk label.
Here it is:

Giant Claw - Midnight Murder, Cassette

This 7-track album is something very special. Here are all three kinds of music I love: synth/electronic journeys, dancy compositions built on mouthwatering beats, and psychedelic (and a bit tropical) soundscapes.
The sound on this tape is almost always well-calibrated. Classical synth constructions suddenly fall from the skies and show a real earthy drama. Each track is full of climactic points instantaneously mollified by the nimble and clear tones. Nevertheless, rad and hard-hitting jar and jarring lap up tranquil electronics, which fondly peep from between the theurgic sound curtains and make us dance twitchy summer dances!
This is a smart, masterful and at the same time absolutely bright, summerish record. 
My favorites: dramatic drums in the second half of the second track and mysterious vibes of 'Aqua bats'.
You can watch a video on 'Big Crush' by Moduli TV here.

Giant Claw is a project led by Keith Rankin. He also co-runs Orange Milk and edits Tiny Mix Tapes.
Buy this tape from the label.

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