суббота, 9 апреля 2011 г.

Food Pyramid - I, II, III - Moon Gylph

These tapes seem to be parts of a trilogy and absolutely separate works at the same time.
Oh, whatever...

The first tape is the most peremptory one. Wrenching drums and lo-fi electronics drown out the thawing vocals. Mechanized atmosphere elliptically winces and regurgitates rigid drones on a glazed surface. Robots dance visceral dances in a bobbling synth ocean. Dramatic and jammy stuff.
The second tape deals more with electronics, while beats are somehow concealed. The sound line does not tend to swerve, though it angularly dithers impelling the geometric drones to change form and color. Everything moves in one direction. Some moments are pretty noisy, especially 'Borbangnatyr' with its opulent synth tremor. A rebellious tape!
Part III is the calmest of the three. The main effort here has been done to improve and strengthen melodic features without leaving a traditional field of synth freakness. And results are great! Six very melodic and dub tracks are hidden in the cassette. The beat line returns and sounds very clean and impeccable, while the bass adds some dancy freshness to the spreading synth waves. Tunes do not quash each other and even frittered abstract cues look very righteous.
Funky music for diabolic dancing.

Food Pyramid is C. Hontona, C. Farstak, M. Weather from Minneapolis.
You can buy these tapes from Moon Gylph or distributors.

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