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Cloudland Ballroom - Illusion Circles, Aguirre, 2011

Here's one more tape from Aguirre:
Cloudland Ballroom - Illusion Circles

This is a drone adventure. Cold and at times even shy tunes occupy the tape. Rare cracks periodically get the sound back from sky to earth. Nordic calmness is connected with disproportionated mix of lo-fi needles. 12 tracks of highly replete atmosphere can be played without pauses. The tape is very integral. Classic synth conjures up pulsating and ephemeral visions. The theme is always the same - approaching as deep as possible.
A very linear, brittle and ambient work.
Cloudland Ballroom is James R. Moore who lives and experiments with tunes in UK.
You can still buy the cassette from Aguirre or from the artist directly.
Limited to 100.
Alternatively you can listen to it on Soundcloud.
Watch the video on title track by Moduli TV:

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