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Gretel, Pententacles - Full of Nothing, 2011

Full of Nothing label has 5 new releases in its stock-list. Check Them out here.
I was lucky enough to grab two of them.
So here they are:
Gretel "Casket" cassette

This tape reminds me of one almost drown in oblivion artist Gertie with amazing cassette 'Overdoses of Roses', released in far 80s. Gretel seems to use pretty much the same approach in her tape, though the sound is a little bit more aggressive and lacks vocals (which are just great when they rarely erupt through the guitar freakness). The record is quite melodic and sometimes even pop (lo-fi of course). Simple percussion looms quite disdainfully and eschews to add any strength to the main line. On the contrary, it's flailing around without any proper intention.
Gretel is a solo project of Ekaterina who sings and plays guitar in her noise-rock band Madlene.
16 tracks. Extremely limited edition.  

Pententacles - "Pententacles" cassette

This tape is more abstract, much quieter and much scarier! The sounds are lost in a labyrinth. They move in the darkness waiting for something to show up and to carry the away. This effect is made with two guitars only. The atmosphere is hazy, anxious and a bit depressive. The tape contains two tracks - one on each side.
Pententacles are a Moscow-based duo.
Another extremely limited edition.
You can buy the tapes (if they won't be sold out during the Love Cult's European tour) at Full of Nothing.

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