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Wozzeck - Act III: Comics, Intonema 2011

Here's the very first release from newly born Intonema label.
Many thanks to Ilia and Misha for sending this.

Wozzeck - Act III: Comics 

The record consists of two tracks. First one is divided into 47 short pieces and resembles a sound swamp full of clear-cut abstract noises. Curt nods of acoustic hitches and flounces interlace with sound scrimmage inebriated with its own freakness. This track somehow reminded me of another Belorukov's work - D-И + B-C (split with Darius Ciuta) released on ~taqueOT earlier this year.    
Second 10-minute track is a remix by Kurek & Bumšteinas and is actually a flimsy and sheer coverlet sewed from crackles and subliminal images. Opaque waves and chiseled noisy tones are low and everlasting.
Utterly exposed record!
Wozzeck is a duo based in Saint-Petersburg.
Comics enclosed with the CD is designed by Victor Melamed.
Buy this CD from Intonema

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