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Golden Cup - Sogno Elettrico, Blackest Rainbow, 2011, LP

At long last, I hold this record in my hands. Thanks L.

Golden Cup - Sogno Elettrico, LP

On this record we're dealing with slow-motioned photography. Electronic loops and vibes run and pulsate as alarmed animals trying to escape invisible predator. It's all about trails and nostrils. Guitar sounds create a beautiful and hypnotizing cobweb of  rings in the water. And everything happens in a slow-motion. No beats, no strict lines. The absolute chaos of choices. One movement falls into pieces which soon turn into one swirl again. We're put in a solid, integral environment where sounds do not change the structure but do change the direction. Pretty meditative.
This is the latest release on Blackest Rainbow  and the very first LP by Golden Cup. The record consists of two tracks, one per each side.
Golden Cup is a duo from Portugal: Maurizio Abate and Luca Massolin (he is also running 8mm records).
You can get this vinyl here - Blackest Rainbow.

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