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Clearing, Stephen Molyneux - No Kings, 2011

Two new tapes out at No Kings! Thanks L. for the material.

Clearing - Keepsake cassette 



Here we have two series of dreams.

Serie 1

At first we meet a stranger. He tells us his bitter story and shows the hidden door. We open that door and enter deep, massive waters full of lambent microorganisms. They make a liquid and plain noise. Then we pass by crippled buildings of the ancient city which has obviously been buried underwater from the bygone times. We suddenly find ourselves outside the school dance club for a moment but inexorably fall back into the deep ocean next second…

Serie 2

Firstly we’re watching old fishers carrying the tackle. Rapidly we get into another place. This place looks familiar but all the things we've known are put in unfamiliar places. After awhile we turn into the giant bird hovering over the mountains’ tops. It lasts for some time right until we’re forcedly sucked back into the deep waters from the first dream. But this time we can see nothing. We listen and the last sounds possibly hide the emptiness…

Very unclear, very experimental and truly abstract work!

Extremely-highly recommended.

Clearing is Joseph Volmer based in Murfreesboro.


Stephen Molyneux - Cambodian Field Recordings cassette


The title says everything. On this tape one can stumble across sounds from Cambodian cities. Street music, rare voices and talks, naked soundscapes of day-to-day city life are mixed on two 12-minute tracks. A fairly good example of sound-journalism. Stephen plays in Gigantic blonde boy and makes some interesting solo-works from time to time. He also co-runs No Kings with Lee Noble. 

Be fast to get a copy from No Kings

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