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DDb Interview Series (1001) - Lee Noble

I am very excited to announce the launch of DDb Interview Series.
I want to thank Lee Noble for his time and readiness to make this interview!
As you may know, Lee is a great music composer and performer. He resides in LA and makes synth, weird, experimental sounds. Additionally he is running a very interesting tape label No Kings. You can read some silly stories about two latest cassettes from No Kings on this blog - just scroll down a bit!

How would you describe your music?
Slow, boring.

Just curiosity. Is Lee Noble your real name?
It is!

You run an amazing tape label ‘No Kings’. How did you find the name for it? When and how did you decide to start the label?
My friend Steve Molyneux and I initially conceived the label in 2006 as a name to put on the recordings we released ourselves. We put out a few CDrs and quit. Then restarted last year, taking it a bit more seriously, and releasing only cassettes so far. The name came from some big iron letters that we found lying next to a construction site. they were in a pile and we rearranged them to spell out "NO KINGS". We left them on a hillside in Franklin, TN. Also it has obvious anti-authoritarian connotations, which is nice.

What is beauty?
aesthetic appeal + sadness / emotional response

Next question I will ask to every person in DDb interview series.
What have changed in independent music world with the developing and spreading of the Web?
Any positive improvements? Any negative repercussions?

exponential access. which is good. my entire musical operation / existence is based online, talking to other musicians from around the world and arranging releases, etc. i see no negative repercussions aside from the decline of print publication, it would be cool if there were more good magazines around.

Do you have a favorite record in your discography? What’s your best gem up to date?
i think the most cohesive example of my stuff is my latest release "no becoming" on sweat lodge guru. i have not always been very careful about finishing pieces and releasing them, i have some old stuff that i really don't like. trying to be more considerate. i did a couple single tracks recently, one for a series of 3" cds on Hobo Cult records, and one for a split tape with Sparkling Wide Pressure on Bathetic that I really like. There's an album called "Loaded Image" that was released on 25 cassettes, I don't think many people heard that one. It used a lot of tape recordings of the piano at my mom's house.

Do you have any special time for recording? Maybe you prefer to make sounds at night or whatever? Is it always random?
it's usually at night, but really only because i work during the weekdays. it's fairly random. whenever i have the energy to wade through the mess of cables and equipment. i'm trying to make it easier for myself to set up. a schedule would be ideal, i often go for long periods without recording. occasionally i'm very productive on a saturday morning.

Speaking about No Kings, why cassettes? What do you feel about tape format?

The physicality of this medium is its primary strength. With proper presentation tapes are easily turned into collectible art objects. I think it's important for albums to have a physical presence in reality. They are affordable without being disposable.

Can you name some artist/people you do admire? Maybe you have a person in mind who you’d name as a teacher? 
I think i've learned the most important lessons about making music from musician friends of mine. Aforementioned Steve Molyneux who is in Gigantic Blonde Boy, also Frank Baugh from Sparkling Wide Pressure, others like Dust from 1000 yrs, etc.

Is there a kind of Lee Noble’s standard kit of musical equipment or you always use new materials? 
It seems like harmonium is the base for most of my recordings. Moog Source, Korg MS-10. Casio Sk-1. Omnichord. A tape machine that has speed control. Odds and ends, scraps of things on tape. I always use this stuff.

Is improvisation important for you?
Yes, I write as I record, it's my main technique.

What is the best place in the world to live in?

I wish it was LA, but I'm not sure if it is.

Share your plans for the future. What places one should check to get some new stuff from Lee Noble? 
I have just completed recordings for a vinyl LP on Bathetic Records, and I just started working on a tape for Bridgetown Records also. These will be out sometime this year! And there are many items in the works on No Kings. Releases from Airsign, Wether, Andreas Brandal, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Haunted Houses, Hobbledeions / Sugar Skulls, Twin Polygamists, etc.

Thanks for the interview, Lee!

Get back soon for more interviews with Cloudland Ballroom, Ruralfaune/Synth series label, Sangoplasmo and ~taqueOT. 

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