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DDb Interview Series (1002) - Izaak Schlossman

Here's another interview in DDb series!
Izaak is a talented musician based ih Phili. He also runs fascinating cassette-label Ace of Tapezzz.
I want to thank Izaak for his time and interesting, thoughtful answers.

Where are you based? What music/environment pushed you to become an artist making experimental sounds and create AOT label?
right now ace of tapes is from philadelphia, because i'm taking care of everything, tho if i end up moving around again someone else might take over for a bit and it'll be based somewhere else. when we started a bunch of us were living in santa cruz, and making a label was a good (tho arbitrary) way to coax my friends into releasing music they were working on.

Why cassettes? What expects the cassette format rebirth in the future from your point of view?

tapes are great because they are analog and cheap and a nice trinket. i'm not sure if there will be a rebirth outside of a few subcultures but it's a cool thing right now, just finding music specifically because it is on tapes.

Next question I will ask to every person in DDb interview series.
What have changed in independent music world with the developing and spreading of the Web?
Any positive improvements? Any negative repercussions?
as someone trying to hear something & get my mind blown it's incredible to have that kind of access. as someone who makes music it's all about just diligently adding to the shitpile and not freaking out.

Tell about your solo-project starcircleanatomy. How would you describe its aesthetics?
it's more of a long-term attempt to explain an aesthetic confusion than something with an aesthetic of its own. it's been so many things since i started, and people have helped and stopped helping, you know. tho i think it's consistent in a way i can't see cos i'm me.

Do you enjoy traveling? Name some places you’d be excited to visit.
yeah, i dig the aimless wandering type of traveling. i'd like to do some more of that. the whole u.s., canada, ghana, china, southeast asia, shit. everywhere. i hope that eventually i can go on some kind of low key world tour, just travel around with some gear and play wherever, meet people.

What is the true essence of music? Share your philosophic views on the basics of sound art.
i've been trying to think really simply about the phenomenological parts of music, i mean less as a cultural thing and more about how it interacts with someone's perception, what shapes it can make. obvs everyone's got a different take on things and that's why music's still interesting. 

What is the best job in the world?
physical work, and work where you learn things, and work where the power dynamic is good.

Any plans for starcircleanatomy future releases/gigs?
yeah, this label called further out of seattle is going to release a cassette of mine called "always forgetting, receiving" pretty soon, which is a bunch of manual electronic jams. i am working on the art for another release called "debloom and die" for ace of tapes which is like an electric guitar singing drone record, and i'm making new things that more directly reference dance music in general that i plan to release this year too. i've been playing on the east coast here and there but i hope that i can go on a little tour this summer.

Do you feel some presence of a kind of experimental/independent/whatever music community in US/world? Or it’s rather just a sporadic collection of insular projects, families, etc.?
everyone's got friends in other places and practically speaking it's easy enough to connect with people all over. i notice that more since i've moved out here to philly, and just the longer i live and the more "oh you know this person, that's nuts" type shit happens. also there's the internet, making that even easier. if all the weirdo music people lived in one city everyone would probably already know each other someway.

Austrian poet R. R. Rilke used to say: “The beauty is the part of the ugliness”. Is it true?
beauty can be gnar sometimes, yeah.

What about forthcoming stuff from AOT? Any releases you’re keeping in mind?
stuff from me for sure, probably more things from sean gkfoes vjgoaf, my genius friend alex lowell, perl third eye of sauron or whatever he's gonna call himself, hopefully other friends that are working to complete things.

Day or night? Light or dark?
i like those construction lights they use to work on the roads at night, the day-at-night vibe is really cool.

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