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THETLVMTH, Charlatan, Ghostrider – Hobo Cult, 2011

Here are some tapes from Hobo Cult Records. Thanx Frank! 

THETLVMTH - Nastri Da Trasmettere CS 2010

This tape contains four tracks. Each one has a strange code as a title and is probably an attempt to decipher that code. What we can hear on the first, the third and final tracks resembles a hard machines’ work. Cylinders move, liquid streams, steal and plastic pieces create genius mosaic. The sound on 9_57 (the easiest title) is very computerized, while the first and the last are more abstract and can offer a wide range of electronic vibes and noises. Track 2 is different. Firstly we have to delve in the fog standing on an insular synth heath trying to find the beginning of the sound line. Then in the middle of the track we found ourselves surrounded my massive and markedly violent electronics. Sound becomes more and more aggressive and finally the story ends with a shimmering outburst.
Good stuff. Recorded in Pigneto, Roma 
Charlatan – Meridians CS

Here we have five tracks and each one differs from another to a large extent. Though the tape begins with psychedelic chaos of drones with a healthy dollop of noisy mayhem, the second track comes to earth showing naked synth lines, which thoroughly explore contours of sound chasms. Third track is a good classic cosmic ballad about how far one can get with closed eyes. Forth one is more minimal. It deals with apparitional movements layed with quiet recurring electronics. Final track is a mad enrobed candy! Narcotic atmosphere will eagerly churn your brains as a pillow! No prudence.
Spot on, dank, unadorned tape. 
There's no need to tell about who Brad Rose is, right? 

Ghostrider – Demons CS

This four-track cassette is very minimal and ambient. The tonality is low and calm. Sound approaches carefully as if being afraid of missing its path. Penetrant phonic tides roam as a light wind over the endless sand. Sometimes lost, sometimes contemplative, sometimes alert feeling makes this tape quite nostalgic.
Ghostrider is a project by Jens Pauly from Cologne. 

For more info visit Hobo Cult Records

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